Food Pantry

Posted on: Thu, 06/28/2018 - 17:51 By: jill

It's hot! Summer is finally here and yes, people are still in need. More in need, in fact than normal, because kids are out of school. Children that might be eligible for free or reduced lunch items from mid-August through May are now at home. Your friendly poster has 4 small children, and their food needs amp up in the summer, as they play outside, splash in any available water, and outgrow their jeans before fall. Kids in need are no different. Current food pantry needs are peanut butter and canned chicken. These pair well with inexpensive staples like noodles, eggs, or bread to make filling meals for tiny tummies. However, any within date shelf stable food item is greatly appreciated.

Consider a summer donation of cash or food product to help kids (and their families) in need, add it to your to-do list today!